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Louise Hay is well known for her positive affirmations concerning the link between mind and body health. She currently resides in California and her fame as an early founder of the self- help movement. Louise Hay’s first self-help book, Heal Your Body was published in 1976. In it, she explores the role positive affirmations have in helping the body to heal from disease. This was further studied and used by the church of Scientology in their healing and health programs. The basis for the book was being the link between the physical ailments and their mental causes and how to change your health for the better by changing your mindset and habits of thought. Louise_Hay_LG

One of the characteristics of Louse Hay and the affirmations she lives by is that they have been started well before it became popular to focus on specific diseases such as AIDS and other diseases that are linked to mental states or influenced by them. The Hayride which is the best known effort to support and help sufferers was started in the mid 1980’s. Since then, Louise Hay has traveled the world and led countless workshops on how to use the mind and body links and research to help slow the progress of disease.

The publishing company founded by Louise Hay from her living room has grown to impact thousands of people with the positive affirmations, cards and books that Louise has written to share with any who need them. This publishing company also provided support for nonprofit charities that provide food, hospice, shelter, money and counseling for individuals with AIDS and other needy groups. The life changing impact she has had on countless people across the globe is one of the reasons Louise Hay is so popular.

Positive attitude and thinking do have an impact on health. Stress and worry impacts the healthy body by decreasing its ability to function the best it can. Using affirmations can change the impact of stress and negativity, which leads a better quality of life and hope. Audio, written and online versions of Louise Hay’s books and affirmations are being found and used by more and more people who are hunting for ways to deal with the stress of everyday life. Twenty years after her first book hit the New York Times bestseller lists, it hit them again, shortly after she was interviewed by Oprah.

Louise Hays has not let a few years of life slow her down, the latest project has been a movie about her life; it’s titled: ‘You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie” and promises to draw more people into finding out the benefits of using affirmations to live more healthy lives. Her website; www.louisehay.com gives more in depth information about the affirmations and how they can be used to help you live a better healthier life.

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